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Asanoha Kumiko Doors Credenza

Asanoha Kumiko Doors Credenza

Commission Work

This piece of credenza was commissioned by a client whom has been looking for the right one for more than 18 months. The wanted a credenza that could provide ample storage spaces as well as to serve as a display of craftsmanship in their home.

The final design turned out to be very bold that features a live-edged Oak panel, Kumiko and Washi as part of the sliding doors.

The sliding doors incorporates several elements from traditional shoji screens. One of them is the delicate work of kumiko(lattice work). This decorative work requires a huge amount of patience and effort.

Custom jigs had to be made in order to fabricate 192 pieces accurately to form the Asanoha motif. Another element is the use of Washi to serve as a backing as well as to provide more depth to the Kumiko patterns.

Materials: Cherry, White Oak, Hinoki & Washi
Length: 68”
Width: 18”
Height: 29"

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