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Book Yours! - On The Beach

Book Yours! - On The Beach

There are those among us who can’t live without books.

We wade through them on beaches, we devour them on picnics, we go forth with them on the road.

These posters are dedicated to us. And even though there’s not a word to be read, we read what they’re all about in an instant!

Perfect to frame and hang in the library, the study, or over that overstuffed sofa that’s heaven with a well-thumbed paperback.

Sheet size: 555mm X 420mm
Print Quality: Offset Lithographic 4 colour printing.
Paper: Maple Bright 220 gsm

Delivery & Shipping (Worldwide)
Your poster will be packed in a Hard Tube and delivered by Singapore Post. On confirmation and dispatch of your order, you will be provided with a tracking number. You can expect your poster in maximum 28 workings days after confirmation of your payment by email.