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Bubinga coffee table

Bubinga coffee table

Commission Work

This small coffee table is made from a beautifully bookmatched top and round legs with a subtle curved brace.

The top was originally from a thicker piece of Bubinga and hand sawn to achieve this bookmatched effect. A small Wenge bowtie serves as a structral support as well as a contrasting accent.

The base is made from curly Walnut to match the overall tone and colors of the Bubinga top. Like most of the pieces produced by Shibui Furniture Collective, the base attaches to the top via sliding dovetail joinery. This joint prevents the top from warping and also allows it to move freely during seasonal changes.

Materials: Bubinga, Walnut & Wenge
Length: 29"
Width: 12 ½ - 19½"
Height: 14 ½"

Process of making this table can be found here:

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