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Grow It Yourself - GIY Stick

Grow It Yourself - GIY Stick

GIY Stick reuses bottles and fabric to make any pot self-watering. No apps, no batteries, we simply mimic nature's capillary action.

It starts with a seed - check out your local nursery for seeds (herbs, vegetables) - but the market, and your own kitchen pantry presents many ideas as to what one can start growing with. Think: mustard seeds, sesame seeds (non roasted), garlic and onion bulbs…

You will need a recycled plastic bottle and a long piece of cloth.

After assembly, stick it into a potted plant, and fill the bottle with water. Made sure the cloth touches the soil, and ideally bury the tip of the GIY Stick.

Note: Cloth, any scrap or recycled cloth will do. Cloth from sports clothing, car washing and dish washing cloth last longer. Cotton decomposes faster, however it is organic.

It works with plastic bottles from drinks like Coca Cola, Pepsi, or any other drink that uses the same bottle.

It's that easy! Available in Black, Red and White.