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Can’t go without coffee?
We’ve bean there.

That’s why we brewed up PostCups.
Seven postcards that only come to life after a cuppa.
(Much like you on Monday mornings.)

Each card is a coaster* for your java.
With a drawing you complete with coffee stains.
So you can espresso self in a greeting.
And make someone special smile latte.

What are you waiting for?
Give it a (double) shot.

*Hot chocolate and dark teas grudgingly included.

- Bicycle
- Boy and balloon
- Hamster
- Ferris wheel
- Panda
- Planet
- Map

Design is printed on one side. Flip side is blank.

Materials & Packaging:
105 × 148mm
Aquarelle Watercolour Paper 300gsm
All 7 cards are shipped in one brown kraft envelope.