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Roots IV

Roots IV

The Roots Series explores our connection to the natural world through the use of plant matter – specifically, roots – both as a natural dye source and as inspiration for visual composition.

Through the act of unweaving, individual strands of warp and weft seem to take on a rhythm of their own, extricating themselves from the rules and structures imposed on them.

Dimension: 310 x 320 mm
Silk fibres, undyed and plant dyed (with madder root)

Note to buyer
Please note that natural dyes were used in the creation of this work.
As with all naturally dyed textiles, some fading may occur over time. Please keep the work out of direct or bright sunlight, and away from moisture.

Work is mounted on a 500 x 500 mm acid-free paperboard.
It will be shipped flat and is available with or without frame.
Frame shown in image measures 525 x 525 x 45 mm and comes with clear acrylic panel.

Please contact us for shipping details.