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Victoria Writing Desk

Victoria Writing Desk

Commission Work

A commissioned writing desk made from a single slab top with base made from a combination of Oak and Ash. The Bubinga top with live edge and combination of sapwood and spalting was sourced specially for the client based on the required dimension.

Some parts of the sapwood had to be removed as they were weakened to powdery form on the insides. The cause of it is probably due to attacks from powderpost beetles. The original plan was to keep the top as intact as possible without intervening too much with the beauty of nature.

The solution was then to patch the defects with matching sapwood from the offcuts and then shaped accordingly to blend into the live edge. To further enhance the patchwork with inspirations from "Kintsugi(金継ぎ)", some of the cracks were deliberately aggravated and then filled with at least 19 layers of shellac and gold powder over the course of several days.

The base attaches to the top via two batons with the help of unshouldered sliding dovetail. This helps to keep the top flat over time and allows the wood to move from seasonal changes in humidity.
The Oak legs and stretchers are shaped with handplanes which leaves a beautiful texture with tiny facets.

The stretcher is conventionally made from a single piece of wood. However, to allow this design to have a knock-down concept, the stretcher is split into halves and join together with a beveled scarf joint and Ebony wedges. The wedging mechanism creates tension which pulls the stretcher and legs together.

Materials: Bubinga, White Oak, Ash, Walnut & Ebony
Length: 56"
Width: 24"
Height: 29"

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