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Alphabet Furniture - Table

Alphabet Furniture - Table

Alphabet Furniture – Table

A side table, a coffee table, a display stand. Whichever way you use it,
you can be sure that this unique creation will create a lasting impression. Made of the letters T, A, B, L and E, this one-of-a-kind invention is versatile enough to look stunning in any house.

Each letter is made from sturdy plywood that’s coated with a black laminate in a matt finish. The slots and grooves are precision cut to ensure better safety and stability when the Alphabet Table is assembled. The letters come in a durable carton for easy storage and transportation. A detailed instruction guide on how to assemble the furniture will also be provided with every set.

Height: 520mm
Width: 500mm
Depth: 380mm

Estimated Delivery Time: 2 months