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Pawsperous New Year Red Packet (A set of 9)

Pawsperous New Year Red Packet (A set of 9)

Every dog has its day. And come the Lunar New Year of the Dog, a lucky few can have more than just one great day, if you open your home to them. Not just for the festive season, but for a lifetime. Now that would really be cause for celebration.

We’ve tied up with a shelter ‘Causes for Animals’ to help them find auspicious homes. So if you’re looking to adopt a constant companion, just visit the shelter and bring home your forever friend.

They’ve put on their new year’s best to wish you all a Pawsperous New Year! Proceeds will go to the supported dog shelter.

These lovely dogs are featured on hong baos created by Degree dog whisperers Karine, Drishti, Rudy and Joel. Shot by the dog lovers at Republic Studios.